Kids Fashion Blogs We Love – the Little Lovelies

Meet The Little Lovelies! This group of 5 adorable children have wardrobes that will keep you constantly pining! Their mom’s got together and created a children’s fashion blog that features their outfit inspirations, children’s fashion tips, beauty secrets and more. 
They say that The Little Lovelies is about their obsessions, their kids and fashion. Simply stated and completely true. After you see how adorable their kids are and get a glimpse into their closets, you will be hooked. Check them out on facebook, instagram, pinterest, and twitter
Here are a few of our favorites found on their blog:
Celebrity Inspiration: Khloe Kardashian
Headband: Lemons & Lace
Shirt, Shorts, & Plaid Shirt: Gap
Timberlands: Ebay
Photo Credit: KwBALE Photography

Hat: H&M
Shirt & Cardigan: American Apparel 
Harem Pants: Two Little Kings
Shoes: Target
Photo Credit: KwBALE Photography
Shades & T-Shirt: Beach Shop @ Newport
Beanie: Pro Image
Vest & Pants: JCPenny
Shoes: Vans
Top: Target
Necklace: Target
Headband: Walmart
Jeggings: Babies R Us
Shoes: H&M
Photo Credit: Loblee Photography
Top: Target
Leggings: Walmart
Shoes: c/o Freshly Picked
Necklace: Target
Photo credit: Loblee Photography
Entire Outfit – Old Navy
Hat: Target
Cardigan: Target
Romper: Dillard’s 
Tights: Target
Boots: Old Navy
Laila, Delaney and Fiti were kind enough to answer some questions for our Taylor Joelle readers about their blog, their fashion inspirations, shopping tips are more. Check it out!
Q: What made you want to start The Little Lovelies?

A: We wanted to start The Little Lovelies because we love fashion and playing dress up with our little ones. We also wanted to share with other moms that your little ones can still be fashion forward even on a budget.

Q: What fashion trends are you seeing for spring and summer?

A: We love the classic floral trend for spring, it’s definitely something every girl gets excited for when they know spring is right around the corner. Camo is so on trend right now, and we love it. You can play it up for a fun dinner look with the family, or throw on a t-shirt for a casual play-date look. We also love it because our little man Liam can rock it and still be a stud. We love things that are gender neutral. Another trend we love is Black and White for spring. It’s something we have been seeing a lot of lately, and it’s just simple and classic. You can never go wrong with simplicity.

Q: Where do you get your fashion inspiration?

A: Each mom gets their inspiration from their own personal sense of style or just fun things that we see. We love to feed off one another, because our styles are all so different. Honestly, Instagram has been one of the biggest places we pull inspiration from. There are so many amazing bloggers, shops and just ordinary people that we get inspiration from. We love to look at fashion bloggers who blog for adults and try and make them kid friendly.

Q: Do you have any tips for parents shopping for their children’s clothing?

A: The best advice we can give other parents while shopping for their children is to have FUN. They’re kids, so don’t be afraid to take a risk. Try different things that you wouldn’t necessarily put on yourself. Kids can get away with a lot more then adults can so why not have fun with it!

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