Top 10 Non Candy Easter Basket Ideas

The time is drawing near! Easter is just around the corner. Just the thought of the marshmellow peeps and chocolate bunnies makes my teeth hurt. After all, I still have candy from Halloween, Christmas and Valentines Day in my cupboards. The last thing my family needs is any more candy! Many moms like me are on the hunt for non-candy items to put into their children’s easter baskets. I searched far and wide for creative non candy Easter basket ideas that your kids are sure to love. It’s still so fun to have easter egg hunts. Why not fill those plastic eggs with fun items the kids can continue to play with? The best part, they are all items that you can make yourself!
1. Gardening Supplies
What a fun idea for spring! Encourage the kids to learn about gardening. They will be so much more excited to eat healthy foods that they helped to grow themselves. You can get really creative with it and even make your own adorable gardening supplies. Check out for a tutorial. 

2. Finger Puppets
How fun are these? You can make them Easter themed too. The kids will love to play with them throughout the day.  You can find this tutorial at
3. Bubbles
Bubbles, every kid (and adult) LOVES them. There is something magical about them. We found a great tutorial on awesome bubbles to make at home from Ashley Ann Photography
4. Egg Shape Crayons
Do you have hundreds of random broken crayons? Don’t throw them away. Save them for this fun project. Tutorial can be found here. Photo credit

5. Hair Clips
You can make your own, or you can buy small hair clips. Either way, they fit perfectly into easter eggs and are just too cute! Other non candy egg filler ideas are socks, nail polish, stickers, money, bouncy balls, and puzzle pieces. Photo credit: Rockabye Butterfly
6. Play Dough Surprise Eggs
Playdough is easy to make, or you can buy it. Then, just put them into the shape of eggs and put into a bag. Such a cute presentation for Easter. You can even hide little prizes inside them. These are from The Imagination Tree
7. Side Walk Chalk Popsicles
These might be the cutest thing ever! Seriously? These are from Canadian Home Trends
8. Felt Bird
So, you love how sweet peeps look, just not all that sugar? Check out this adorable DIY Felt Bird from Canadian Home Trends
9. Sock Bunnies
Ok, we can’t get enough of Canadian Home Trends. Check out these adorable DIY Sock Bunnies! 
10. Crayon Wallet
Ok, so this one is not DIY. It’s from an Etsy shop, My Happy Hobbies. But, it is handmade, so that counts right? It was just too cute with that bird print, we had to share. 

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