Normcore – The Anti-Fashion Statement

We’ve seen a lot of buzz going around the net about normcore, where blending in is the new standing out. New York Magazine, Today, and many more are proclaiming this the next big fashion movement. Who knew being boring could be trendy? 
Photo courtesy of Getty Images

Normcore just says no to mix matching prints, bright colors, and animal prints! According to Normcore, the 90’s are back and Jerry Seinfeld is their fashion icon. New York Magazine says that it exudes an attitude that embraces uniformity and manifests itself in “ardently ordinary clothes. Mall clothes. Blank clothes. Birkenstocks and socks – fashion meets comfort! 
Photo courtesy of Free People

Fashion trends tend to recycle every 20 years, so normcore is right on track with making a comeback. Do you think it’s here to stay? Hipsters are embracing normcore as a way to make the uncool, cool. Isn’t normcore being a trend a little bit of a contradiction? Oh well, if you are a fan of normcore, you may want to raid your dad’s closet, or possibly make a trip to the thrift store for a really trendy and affordable wardrobe. You think we are kidding? Just check out #normcore on twitter, this is not a joke! If you have stock in Lands End, it is a good day for you! 
Photo courtesy of New York Magazine

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Do you have any photos of yourself or your kids wearing #normcore? We want to see! Please send them to Or post to instagram and tag @taylorjoelledes with the tag #normcore

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