DIY Dream Catchers

We are so excited about the release of our spring collection, Dream Catcher! To celebrate the release, we thought it would be fun to have a Dream Catcher themed blog post! We searched Pinterest and found some really fun Dream Catcher projects. There are kid friendly dream catchers, doily dream catchers, dream catcher jewelry and more! Check it out! 
First we have a kid friendly DIY Dream Catcher project by 4 Crazy Kings! 
Click HERE for instructions. 
How gorgeous is this DIY Dream Catcher Necklace by Victoria Anderson Boyd? We adore it! You can make one yourself! Instructions are HERE.

We love the look of this DIY Dream Catcher by Habitual Homebody. Instructions are found HERE

How pretty and fun is this DIY Doily Dream Catcher by Handmadera. Click HERE for instructions. 

I would totally rock these Dream Catcher earrings from the Brilliant Brunette blog. These are not make yourself earrings. But, I found some fun DIY Dream Catcher Earrings on Pinterest too. Check those out HERE
My favorite? This DIY Dream Catcher Earring Organizer by Art Love Light. Instructions HERE
Don’t forget to order from our Dream Catcher Collection now! It is part of a SITE WIDE SALE that we have going on now at to celebrate the collection release. Don’t miss it! 

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