Trend Watch – Africa

My mom, Diane, is a big contributor to the design processes for Taylor Joelle.  Right now her and my dad are serving an LDS mission in Ghana Africa.   Just has they left for Africa we started seeing more and more Africa fashion trends pop up.  It’s only applicable that we do a Taylor Joelle Africa collection right?
Anthropology is definitely bringing this trend to life with their fabulous new looks.  I love the bottom right dress!!

My mom had the opportunity to visit a fabric store in Ghana.  So colorful!

I love this “Africa” trend and am loving the looks that are popping up for baby and kids.  

Middle Row: Jcrew, Blabla, Minirodini
Bottom Row: Jcrew, Forever 21, Zara
Here’s some prints that Taylor Joelle has in the works.  We are thinking baby leggings!  Prints designed and sketched by Diane Robison

And, I had to end this post with this amazing pic of a beautiful Ghana mom.  

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