Bubble Guppies Birthday Party – With Printables

Can you believe it? Morgan is turning 3 this week. Through my time working with Taylor Joelle, you all have helped me to plan her 1st and 2nd birthday parties, and this weekend we celebrated her 3rd birthday party. Like many 3 year olds, she is in a HUGE Bubble Guppy phase! It is the first thing she says to me every morning, “Mom, I want milk and Bubble Guppies!”. So, the theme for the party was a no brainer to me! I was able to find Bubble Guppy cups, plates, napkins and even some party supplies at Party City. They didn’t have as large of a selection in Bubble Guppy supplies, but we made it work. Plus, I like to make a lot of my own party supplies anyway. I found so many cute ideas on Pinterest. It’s the only way to go when it comes to planning a party. There are so many bloggers out there willing to share their ideas and successes. 
I have to say, this was my favorite party treat table that I have ever done. It was such a fun, bright and colorful theme with so many snack ideas! 
My very favorite part? The CLAM COOKIES! I had so much fun making these and they were a big hit!

Right in with the theme, we also served “Bubble Puppy Chow”, “Swishy Fishes”, “Bubble Guppies Gum”, Goldfish crackers and “You Totally Rock Candy”. The treats were served in beach buckets and fish bowls. What’s for lunch? “Molly’s Moom Pizzeria” of course!
This year, I scaled down on the cake. You might remember the amazing castle cake from when Morgan turned 1 or the adorable popcorn and snow cone cupcakes from when she turned 2. This year, I decided to make my own cupcakes. Morgan and I made them together and I had a lot of fun with it. We topped the cupcakes with Bubble Guppies rings that I purchased from amazon.com for only $5.75! 
I really liked the small details of this party, including the “seaweed” crepe paper. How fun?
We also had little Bubble Guppies “swimming” around. These were a fun party decoration from Party City
I didn’t get a picture of the favor bags, but we loved them. They were also from Party City. Here is what they looked like:
I also designed a few signs that I have uploaded on here that you can feel free to use for your Bubble Guppies party! They fit right in with the theme and were a lot of fun! 
(click the photo and save)

(click the photo and save). 
This really was such a fun party to plan. I can’t believe my baby is 3, where does the time go? Happy birthday Morgan!
Her cute Bubble Guppies shirt is from Macy’s. 🙂 

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