3 Cool Fashion Trends that Work for Kids and Parents

In the past few years, kids’ fashion has become almost as important as adult fashion. With so many high fashion designers developing clothing lines for the little ones, it’s no wonder we sometimes covet things from the children’s department! But we have some good news: there are some trends that work for both kids and their parents. If you’re the kind of mom who likes to dress her kids in matchy outfits, you’re gonna be excited about this…

1. Cartoons. There’s no such thing as a child who doesn’t like cartoons! And they’re gonna be just as excited about wearing them! Showing off their favorite character is a must at a certain age, so encourage them to pick up their own t-shirts, sweatshirts, pajamas, backpacks and whatever else they need. The Angry Birds long sleeve from H & M is an affordable and fun way to wear this trend. As a mom, you can wear a cartoon top if you like. But we recommend the more grown-up version of these Mickey Mouse earrings from Asos – while playful, they’re also elegant and even edgy. You’ll love to wear them whether there are kids around or not.

2. Sunglasses. This is not so much a trend as it is a necessity, but you can’t deny that everyone looks great in sunglasses! And the best part is that you can get the same model of sunglasses for yourself and for your kids – this way you also set a good example for them! Let them pick their own color and style, so that they’re more likely to wear them. We liked the Ray Ban aviators for kids in a fun color combination, and a more classic version for grownups.

3. Babydoll. Mothers and their daughters will both take advantage from the flattering cut of babydolls! The oversized look and the high waist cover up any imperfections around the waist area, while they’re super comfortable to wear! For kids, we fell in love with this cute dress from Zara, and for women we recommend a beautiful lace tunic like the one from New Look.

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