Easy Minecraft Valentines

Are you looking for an easy valentine idea without having to do “store bought”?  
This mine-craft one is so simple!!!  
My son, Mason, is pretty minecraft obsessed, but with 5 kids, I don’t have a ton of time to spend on homemade valentines.  This ones take just seconds to assemble. 
Step 1: Save this blank image to your computer:
Step 2: Add text to the image.  My favorite program for editing and adding text to pics is: PicMonkey
Step 3: Send the image to your local 1 hour photo (I used costco) or print them from home.
Step 4: Add a small slit on the top and bottom of Steve’s hand and add the sucker.

One thought on “Easy Minecraft Valentines

  1. Glenda Gonzalez

    Thank you very much for this post!! I'm also a very busy mommy of 3 who's also planning a Lego bday party this weekend so this post really came in handy!! I found a free minecraft font as well which made it even cuter! Thanks again and HAPPY LOVE DAY ❤


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