Celebrity Children Fashion Inspirations

When I see a 4 year old that is dressed better than I am, it makes me feel just a little insecure. Wouldn’t it be nice if we all had celebrity parents and their stylists picking out all of our clothes? Children of celebrities are often seen out and about looking more fashionable than their parents! It always is more fun to dress our children right? We’ve put together a list of our top 5 celebrity children fashion inspirations.

1. Honor Marie Warren
Honor Marie Warren makes fashion look effortless! Her style is so natural. Fashion meets function! Her looks could be spotted on the tot runway or the playground. With a mother like Jessica Alba dressing her, who’s surprised? We like Honor’s style the most because it is attainable. Many of her looks are something that we could afford and put together for our children. 
2. Kingston Rossdale
Be still my heart! Kingston Rossdale is a little rock star in the making, which makes sense being the child of rockers Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stephani! His punk hipster style is so edgy and fun. He’s already a little heart breaker who really knows how to rock his look. 
3. Suri Cruise
Suri is a little fashion maven! Her looks are classic feminine beauty, just like her mom, Katie Holmes. She even channels a little Jackie O. with her style (which is a role her mom also happened to play!). 
4. Levi McConaughey
Levi McConaughey makes casual cool! His style is all about comfort, yet he pulls it off so well. With parents like Matthew McConaughey and Camilla Alves, could we expect any less?
5. Violet Affleck
If you can see past those sweet eyes and adorable dimples, you might notice Violet Affleck’s trendy style too! What a cutie! Violet’s fashion is right on trend. Stripes, color blocking, leggings, and ruffles – all of the hottest trends from the past year. If it’s in style, Violet Affleck will give you a perfect example of how to pull it off with ease. 

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