Fall 2014 is Underway!

I absolutely love having design sessions with my mom.  We work so well together!  She has helped me bring so many of our products to life!

Here’s a peek at what we are working on for 2014.  But first, look at our design sanctuary: baby, tech, chocolate, comfy bed – what more do you need right?

Our fall inspiration is hedgehogs.  My 9 year old niece drew a hedge hog that I just love; we cleaned it up a little and voila!

So, these baby hedgehog leggings will be a must!  We will also come out with a coordinating pocket tee.

And how fun is this little outfit?

What I am extremely excited about, is coming fall 2014 we will be increasing our size range.  It makes me sad, that Taylor is growing out of her Taylor Joelle clothes, so it only makes sense to grow along with Taylor Joelle herself right?  This will be our first tween outfit:

Can’t wait to show you some more peeks as our designs come to life.


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