5 Favorite Children’s Books

We love to share our favorite things with our readers! We have shared our favorite kids toys, favorite baby items, favorite teething remedies and more. Today, we want to share our favorite kids books with all of you. These are books that we love to read to our kids and that our kids love to too! We have listed books for different ages and stages. 🙂 
Any touch a feel book. These are great for sensory learning and are really fun too. Morgan’s favorite as a baby was Touch and Feel Farm. She learned about animals, textures, and more. It was a family favorite for this stage. -Brooke
Just Shopping with Mom. For some reason all my kids have loved this one at age 2-3. -Jenny
The Tub People. This is a fun one for the whole family! 
Taylor Joelle Family Favorites
Matilda is Taylor’s favorite!
The Strange Case of Origami Yoda. Cooper loves this book! This one seriously occupied him for days. Instead of watching tv, he would read his book and create TONS of orgiami yodas. He loves the book so much and is asking for the set for Christmas. 
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