Photographers We Love – Elements Photography Studio

We are excited to introduce you to November’s photographer we love, Kellie from Elements Photography Studio! We want to highlight some of our favorite photos of hers and get to know her a little better. Today, she shares her tips for choosing outfits for photo shoots, photographing your own children and more!
Here is a glimpse into Kellie’s beautiful work:


Kellie answered a few questions for us about her photography, tips for our readers and more!

1) How long have you been a photographer? 9 YRS

2) Where are you located? St George, Ut

3) What is your favorite type of subject to photograph? Newborns, Kids and Families

4) Do you have any advice for parents dressing their child (children) for a photo shoot?
If you prefer a classic, timeless look and for those that are hesitant to break away from the monochrome madness is to choose one patterned item (for example a print dress for your daughter) and then select the rest of the family’s clothing from colors within that pattern. Corduroy and sweaters also add interesting texture to photographs. Another option is to pick 2-3 colors and mix those colors throughout your family with undershirts, jewelry and scarfs. Just remember to keep it simple and your photographs turn out clean and classic!

5) How do you bring out a child’s personality during a photo shoot? Its fun getting on their level, picking up a bug, dancing , sticking sticks in my hair, passing gas, burping whatever it takes to get them to warm up to me. I also take kids away from their parents so that I get their full attention.

6) What is your favorite session you have ever done? ummm how could I ever pick one?

7) What type of camera do you prefer? I’m a loyal canon girl…going on 12 yrs shooting on one.

8) Do you have any tips for parents taking their own candid photos of their children? I think the best images are the ones where my kids don’t know I am photographing them. I love candid soulful images and to me that requires less cheeeeesey smiles and more of them being them.

9) Do you like to use props in your photography? If so, what types are your favorite? I have a ton of props, but I am all about simplicity. So my vintage chairs and boxes are always my go tos.

10) Do you prefer studio or outdoor shooting? I love outdoors, love the natural light and freedom outside offers… but you cant beat a softbox and a squishy newborn in studio.

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