Bringing Home Baby – Sibling Survival

As many of you know, Jenny (our owner and designer), brought home baby Cohen last week! His arrival was very exciting and anticipated by many. One of the hardest things about bringing home baby… having a very bored and energetic toddler at home. We took it to our facebook and instagram pages and asked for tips for survival when it comes to the siblings after bringing home baby. We found there tips to be so helpful, we just had to pass them on to our readers!

Big brother Bauer – Age 3
1. Sign up for a class, such as My Gym, Kindermuzik, Little Gym, etc. You can bring the little one in the car seat and the toddler siblings can get in their playtime and burn off a little energy. 
2. NEW! New movies, new toys, etc. Shake things up and keep them entertained with new things that are not a part of their same routine. It will keep them occupied longer. 
3. Go to the park (weather permitting). You can put the baby in the stroller and take the toddler to the park. There they can play and get some energy out while baby is comfortable in the stroller. 
4. Baby wearing. Wear your new baby in a wrap/carrier and free up your hands to be able to play with your toddler. 
5. Pre-school. Try and find a pre-school that has a carpool. That way, you don’t have to wake baby for a drive in the car. 
6. Special time. Try and set aside “special time” for just you and your toddler when the baby is asleep. Make sure to take the time to continue to give them that one on one attention. 
7. Crafts. Keep their minds and hands busy with craft projects. A good idea is to keep an old towel rolled up with stickers, paper, paints etc and roll it out when you need some quiet time. 
8. Apps! Put your phone or tablet to good use. Download some educational apps and let your toddler learn and play while you are taking care of baby. 
9.  Let them help! Involve your toddler by having them help you to take care of baby. It will make them feel special and like they are a part of it all. 
10. Reading time. Keep a pile of good books near where you feed the baby. Use feeding time as “reading time” with the older sibling. 

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