Affordable Looks for Kids – by Brooke Douglas

Today’s style post is geared around purchasing affordable tops and using what you have from home to complete a great look for your kids. Can you believe I didn’t pay over $12.99 for each of these cardigans and the flannel shirt for the little man? T.J Maxx and Wal-Mart is where we found these classic pieces. 
Use clever accessories like the pearl collar necklace to add a touch of class and she’s sure to look like she walked out of Nordstrom. Also, pull out the leg warmers and accessories that you’ve been keeping in the bottom drawer that were popular a few years ago and bring them back to life! Be creative and use what you have.

#1. Stripe Look
cardigan – TJ Maxx $12.99
ruffled tank – Next Direct
leggings – Crewcut’s clearance sale
leg warmers – Gap, purchased 4 years ago
shoes – Zara clearance sale
#2. Flannel Button Up
flannel shirt – Wal-Mart $7.88
jeans – Old Navy
shoes – Vans from Shoe Carnival
hat – Volcom hat from Dillard’s
 #3. Black & White Cardigan
cardigan – TJ Maxx
pearl collar necklace – Ruby Blue Inc.
black leggings – Walmart
gold flats – Zara clearance 
Brooke Douglas is the author of children’s fashion blog Stella and Crew. She loves to find bargains and unexpected items to create stunning little outfits for kids. Fashion doesn’t have to be expensive. she loves to share her tips and secrets to finding fun inexpensive finds to create unique looks for your little fashionistas! Photos featured in this post are by Jeniso Photography.

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