Transition to Fall Fashion

Hello!! I’m Lindsey from Pillow Thought and my little girl is Lexi! I’m excited to be over here on Taylor Joelle sharing my Fall Transition tips with all of you!! There is just something scrumptious about crisp fall weather. I firmly believe it has everything to do with the leaves changing and of course Fall Fashion.

Using the Fall Fashion Transition for your little one is no different than how you would use it on yourself.

With that being said, find your favorite base piece, in this case black leggings and a top,
swap out sandals for flats, or boots.. add on a sweater or jacket.. and it’s as simple as that!
However, I do have some of my favorite tips that I live by when shopping for the little one!

4 Tips for dressing your little one in Fall Fashion:

1. Shoes:
Gold & Brown – Black & Silver. These are my crucial colors for shoes to match almost any outfit.

2. Tops:
Use your tops to showcase your statement piece.
For example,
I chose a trendy cheetah print top for Lexi and paired it with a solid sweater.
You can use this system vice versa.. swapping a solid top & pattern/print sweater.

3. Jackets:
When looking for jackets I always stick to neutral colors just like I do with shoes. I want something that I know will look good with almost any outfit. Black, Olive, & Tan shade are always my first choices!

Fall is the time of year when the temperatures starts changing, you don’t always want to commit to jackets but shorts sleeves aren’t cutting it either.. thats where layering comes into play!
Layering your fall fashion will add dimension into your outfits! Scarves, Jackets, Sweaters, Tees, not only keep you warm and cozy but those pieces combined together pull off another sense of style!

Don’t forget to stop by Pillow Thought I’d love to hear from you! 🙂


Lindsey is the author of one of our favorite mommy fashion blogs, Pillow Thought! She took some time to answer some questions about Pillow Thought, her fashion inspiration, and her shopping tips for all of you. Enjoy!

How did Pillow Thought come to be?
Pillow Thought started as a creative outlet, It has evolved to a more lifestyle blog and a place I can share my love for fashion. My mind is constantly running and thinking up new ideas and I love more than anything to make my visions become a reality.
What are some trends that you are seeing for fall?
I am really still stuck on the tribal look, I love that it is still in style a year later.  But honestly I’m in love with so many different styles I can’t just commit to just one. 
Where do you get your fashion inspiration?
I love pinterest, if I find an item I love in a certain color I will search it on pinterest and see the many different ways people wear them. Normally I have a very specific taste so I don’t always love what I see but I definitely love building concepts off of them!
What advice would you give to parents shopping for their children?
There is a positive side to kids outgrowing their clothes and that is that there is no excuse to not be wearing the latest trend! 😉 I honestly just browse through stores and if I fall in love with an item, then I buy it. Seasons change fast with the little ones and for the most part, stores don’t restock after they are out… they will be moving on to the next season. I say if you find it and love it, then buy it. 

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