Getting Kids Dressed Up For Summer is Easier Than You Think!

In summer, kids have the best time! Who can blame them; they’re on vacation, and they can spend most of their day doing what they like most, playing. This, however, implies extra care from the part of the parents –  making sure they eat their regular meals, that they don’t wander off too far away from home, and, very importantly, that they’re accurately protected against the sun. Since kids are so sensitive, hats, sunglasses and sunscreen are all in order on hot summer days. Here are some cute ways to dress your little ones, while also taking into consideration the dangers of UV rays:

Girls: Zara dress | Gucci sunglasses | H&M bracelet | Gap bag | Marks & Spencer flats
Boys: Ray Ban sunglasses | H&M t-shirt | Zara shorts | Polo sneakers | Old Navy cap

For girls, a dress is the easiest choice. She gets freedom of movement and looks pretty at the same time. This one even has pockets, so imagine the fun in that! But because we know kids like to play grown-ups, pair it with studded ballet flats, a pretty bag, bracelets and pink sunglasses. She will be fashionable, too!

For boys, shorts and a t-shirt are the go-to combo. They love showing off their favorite characters on a tee! Choose sneakers for comfort, and a cool cap for protection. His sunglasses can be colorful, but still following grown-up trends: plastic aviators will do.

This guest post was written for by Daria P. who also contributes to both and

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