Bun with Braid or Twist Tutorial

Items needed: Comb or brush, two hair elastics, bobypins, bun makers (any size will do), hairspray
Start by making a normal pony tails with one of the hair elastics
Slide bun maker over pony tail all the way up to the elastic band
Fan hair out all around the bun maker
Take your second elastic and pull it over the fanned hair on the bun maker
It should look like this
For the braided look:
Split the fanned hair into two sections
Braid each section
Wrap both braids around the base of the bun, one braid at a time
Secure braids with bobby pins
Here is the final bun with the braid around it
Back view for the twist:
For the twist instead of the braid you will take the fanned hair and begin to twist the hair up around the bun adding hair as you twist around the bun.
Continue to twist up and around the entire bun and then secure where needed with bobby pins.
Front view with the twist

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