Fabric Painting

I thought it would be fun to give some fabric painting a try. It was the perfect nap time activity because it took less than an hour. 

1. T-shirt – or whatever you plan on painting
2. Craft Paint
3. Fabric Medium
4. Paint brush
5. Sharpie – both work ok but I used a paint sharpie
7. Paper and pencil

Step 1.
Find your graphic. Search the internet for graphics you like.

Step 2. Draw your graphic.
Step 3. Please the drawing under the t-shirt so it show’s through

Step 4. Trace the drawing onto the t-shirt

Step 5. Mix your craft paint with the fabric medium (proportions needed are on the bottle).

Step 6. Begin painting

Step. 7. Let paint dry

Step 8. Trace with a sharpie. 


This was lots of fun and really simple. It would be a great activity to do with your older children.


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