Snap Circuit Junior – A Favorite Toy

We have a new favorite toy in our house and it’s called Snap Circuit Junior.  You can purchase here.
My 7 year old son purchased this toy.  It arrived in the mail yesterday and he has been playing with it ever since.  One way for me to judge that this is a great toy, is when I tell me kids they can have “screen/video game time” (they are video game obsessed) and my son decides to play with this toy instead.  
As a mom, my favorite thing about this toy is that it is hands off for me.  I don’t have my kids following me around with instructions asking me to help them.  Cooper has done these activities all on his own.  
It is fun to watch him use his brain to following direction and get excited about the results. By connecting wires etc. He is about to make a lights blink, sirens sound, fans move, and much much more.  
This is the absolute perfect toy for your a little boy who loves science, and gadgets.  

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