Fabric Stamping

I thought I would give a go at fabric stamping and my mom was kind enough to help.  I wanted to try some little leggings for Bauer, but couldn’t find any boy plain leggings, so I just got some from the girl’s section at old navy.  

There are so many fun stamps out there.  Check out these adorable stamps from dwell 

So, we had a few fails at first.  I highly recommend testing your stamping on fabric first.  We tried with a regular ink pad, and it did not show up clear enough.  We tried painting the paint directly on to the stamp and it was too messy looking.  So here is the method we finally came up with:

Stamp pad   
Craft Paint with brush 
Textile Medium
Stamp of your choice
Fabric scrap 
Fabric to stamp
hard surface to put between fabric.
Step 1. 
Mix the craft paint with the textile medium (proportions are on the textile medium bottle).  

Step 2.
Brush the paint of a stamp pad.  For some reason the design went on best when we used the stamp pad for the paint.  

Step 3.  
If you are stamping a shirt or some leggings, place a hard surface between the back layer and top layer.  This will help the stamp go on clearer.  
Step 4.  
Stamp your design on the fabric (test your stamping first on a scrap piece of fabric)
Step 5. Let design dry. 

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