Taylor’s Room Revealed

What do we do with all the left over fabric from our luxe items? Use it for home decor 🙂 Taylor told me she wanted an orange and blue room. The first thing that came to mind was: YUCK! But then I realized we had a bunch of left of over fabric from our Sunshine Knot Dress.

This fabric passes as orange and blue right?

1. The first thing I did was buy a queen bed from a yard sale for $90. Then my mom went to work chalk painting it (see our chalk paint post for instructions). 

2. The walls we did a soft pink/coral color. Jason, my husband, also put up crown molding.

3. The bed skirt, quilt, and floor length curtains are made with Riley Blake fabric. We bought a queen size soft blanket from target to use as the backing for the quilt . My mom sewed all of it! Thanks Mom!!

4. I love the wall decor we did for this room! We bought these fun frames from hobby lobby. The frame holding the temple is painted with chalk paint. The temple picture can be purchased here:

5. The desk is another yard sale find and painted with chalk paint. Inside each drawer, is orange paint.

6. My mom covered canvases with fabric and added hooks for Taylor’s necklace.
7. My favorite part about this room are the hand painted pillows that my mom created.
8. I painted her dresser a light blue and added crystal knobs from hobby lobby.

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