DIY Bow Cuff Bracelets

It’s almost here! The release of our Black Tie collection is tomorrow!!! Bows are all the rage right now! Want to create inexpensive, adorable DIY bow cuff bracelets? They will coordinate perfectly for your daughter with the Taylor Joelle Black Tie collection, or can be worn by you to coordinate with her! We have seen quite a few tutorials on Pinterest including a leather version, fabric version, and more. Since they are DIY, you can choose black, white, pink or mint to coordinate perfectly with the collection. Here are a few of our favorites. Just click on the links under the photos to see tutorials.

This one is made of an old button down shirt! 
The last one is also made of leather. This one is by Maikitten
Don’t be alarmed by the foreign language, it is also translated in english.  
Remember to JOIN US tomorrow June 28th for the Black Tie collection release! 

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