Bow Bun Hair Tutorial

Our Black Tie collection releases on June 28th and we could not be more excited! We saw this adorable bow bun that would compliment the Black Tie collection so well, so we had to share it with you. Thanks to Jenny’s friend Heidi for the awesome tutorial!
Supplies needed: Comb, Hair band, Bobby pins, Topsy Tail tool if you have one

Start by making the beginning of a pony tail
Twist your hair tie around like you are doing a pony tail but on the last twist loop hair into your hair tie like a bun with some hair hanging down below

Split hair from bun into two parts, as equal as you can

Take your topsy tail tool and put down into the top of the pony tail, if you do not have a tool just make a small hole at the top of the pony tail with your fingers

Grab the hair that was left down under you pony tail and fish it through your topsy tail tool or push it down through the hold you made with your fingers like you are doing a normal topsy tail
Pull topsy tail tool or hair all the way down until the hair pulls back through the bottom 

Bow bun will look like this from the back 

Use bobby pins to pin down any loose hair and to also pin the hair that is hanging down at the bottom. Bobby pins also help to keep the hair loops of the bow in place 

Tada.. you now have a cute girly bow bun 
Join us for the Black Tie collection release on June 28th!  

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