DIY Furniture Makeovers with Chalk Paint

Ever heard of Annie Sloan chalk paint? Furniture painting seems to be the thing to do these days, and Annie Sloan makes it incredibly easy with her chalk paint. Got some free time on your hand? Here’s a challenge. Find an old piece of furniture you have around the house, could be a bedside table, a chair, a dresser, book shelf etc. Don’t have any furniture lying around you want to change? Head over to your local thrift shop, or check out the yard sales in your area.

 Here’s a picture of the table I decided to paint:

 Step 1: Clean the surface of your furniture with a soapy rag and dry surface

 Step 2: Start covering the area with the chalk paint of your choice. No priming needed! This table has a laminate top, can you believe it? I was able to paint this laminate table with no priming.

 Step 3: If it needs another coat, do that. Chalk paint shouldn’t need nearly as many coats regular paint. This drys super fast (takes about 20 minutes).

 Step 4: Time to wax. I use clear wax. Use Annie Sloan’s wax over top of the paint. As you wax an area, buff it with a towel or a cloth. If you don’t buff it, the surface will stay pretty sticky.

 Step 5:  Let it sit a few days to cure. And here is my finished table.

Can you believe what a transformation that is? Videos and more guided information can be found here:

 My mom, is hooked on chalk paint. Here are a few images of what she has completed:

Child table and chairs

Front Door

How cute is this bench? Pictured in photo: my mom and nephew

Taylor’s bed frame

Hobby Lobby Frame

Taylor’s desk

I love this paint because I am expecting a baby, and it is pretty much odor free, so I do not feel like it’s unsafe for the baby.

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