Summer Crafts and Games – Painted Rock Tic Tac Toe

School is out! The kids are home from school and you are probably searching for ideas to keep them busy! Throughout the summer, we will bring you fun DIY craft and game ideas to do with the kids!

To kick off this summer’s ideas, we just had to share an adorable idea that Jenny’s friend Katy from KTT Creations did with her kids, Painted Rock Tic Tac Toe!

1) Pick out rocks and wash them. This can be a fun activity for the kids in and of itself! Go for a rock hunt!
2) Paint them with 2 coats of nail polish. Hint: There is usually great nail polish at the dollar store. 
3) Draw tic tac toe boards on the sidewalk with chalk. This would be a fun game to take camping too! the kids could use sticks to create the tic tac toe boards. 
That’s it! It’s easy and fun and will keep them busy for hours.

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