Fashion Blogs We Love – Stella & Crew

We have been on the hunt for awesome Kid’s Fashion Blogs to learn from and pass along to all of our followers. We don’t claim to be know-it-alls when it comes to fashion and are always on the look out for resources to follow the trends and be fashion forward. Along this journey, we are finding some really great blogs that will be a great resource for all of you as well. When we feature these blogs for you, it won’t just be a link share. We will tell you a little about the blog and why we love it, then we are going to interview the blog authors, after all, they are the fashion experts.

This week we are featuring Stella & Crew. Stella & Crew is a fashion blog geared toward children’s style. Author Brooke Douglas has a keen eye for fashion and knows how to find a good bargain. Brooke features looks and ideas for girls, boys, and even mom. If you are looking for fashion inspiration for the entire family, Stella & Crew is the perfect blog for you!
Here are a few of our favorite looks featured over at Stella & Crew:
Brooke was kind enough to put together a fashion look just for our readers. The beautiful photos are by Nicole Nelson Photography
Dress: Target 
Bib collar necklace: RUUM
ballet flats: Wal-Mart
Hat: Zara

Brooke also took some time to answer some questions for our readers about children’s fashion trends, her inspirations, and more.
What made you want to start

I received my inspiration and idea while getting my daily Diet Coke at McDonalds, seriously. I wanted to be able to stay at home with my kids but still do something I love and deeply passionate about. I love children’s fashion and want to share that passion with the world.

What are some trends that see for spring and summer?

Some of the trends I am loving right now are bib collar necklaces, neon and lace. Im kind of funny about “trends.” I don’t always love all the new trends and fashions of a season. I will pick and choose things I like about the trend and incorporate it into my classic style. Just because its “instyle” doesn’t mean I like it.

Where do you get your fashion inspiration?

I get my inspiration from some of the stores I love like Target, Zara, Next Direct, J. Crew, H&M, Forever 21 and Nordstrom. I take ideas of what I’d I like to wear myself and create that look for my kids. My rule: I will not put something on my kids that I wouldn’t wear myself.

What advice would you give to parents shopping for their children?

When shopping for your children keep it simple and classic. Buy basic pieces that can be accessorized with a trending necklace, belt or neon sparkly flats. Shop the sales and clearance racks. I get a high out of putting together an amazing outfit that I purchased for a bargain. Remember, fashion doesn’t have to break the bank!

Stay tuned in the next few weeks over on the Stella & Crew blog to see a look put together with an item from our Make Your Wish collection! 

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