Make Your Wish – Pre-order Information

Is anyone else counting down the days until the pre-order release of our upcoming spring collection, Make Your Wish? The entire Make Your Wish collection along with new styles of the Ruffle Leggings will be available for pre-order on March 20th. We have received a lot of questions about the pre-order process and wanted to explain how it will work. 
All customers will be able to pre-order on March 20th. Items will be shipped as soon as we receive them from our manufacturer. We anticipate that this will be approximately 4 weeks after the pre-order release date. The benefit of placing a pre-order is that you will be sure reserve the items before they sell out. Also, your pre-order items will be shipped to you as soon as they arrives to us. So, your little ones will be some of the first to ever wear the collection. You will also be able to purchase with our pre-order release promotions (details coming soon). If you wait, you will miss these promotions. 
To place a pre-order, you just visit and place the items that you would like into your cart and check out. You WILL need to pay for the items at that time in order to place the pre-order. Any items that are currently in stock that are a part of your order will ship WITH the pre-order items as soon as they arrive. If you need any in stock items before the pre-order items arrive, we suggest that you place 2 separate orders (one for pre-order items and one for in stock items). 
You do not need a wholesale account to place a pre-order. But, if you have a shop and are interested in information about a wholesale account, check out our wholesale account request page
If you have any more questions, please feel free to email us at

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