Design Process for Upcoming Collections

Have you ever wanted to take a look inside a designer’s mind as they are creating your favorite clothes? We thought we would show you how our design inspiration often comes to us. 

For our Fall 2013 collection, we thought we would include more of our best selling and most popular pieces, the ruffle leggings and the lace top.

The next step is to search for fun color combos. I went on to pinterest and fell in love with a few combos:

We also do our research to see what trends are currently in style and what will continue to be hot through fall 2013. One very big fashion trend that we really love is vintage floral.
So, after looking at hot trends, and fun pinterest color combos, the process becomes quite simple. We just take our current popular shapes and carry them on to our next collection with the new color combos and pattern trends. 
Look for these new items in the fall of 2013!

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