Kids Street Style – Atti-2-ude!

This is the third week of a new feature that we will be doing here on the Taylor Joelle blog, Kids Street Style! Each week we will post pics of kids in their fashionable duds. Children are the ideal focus for a street style blog posts because they are so natural, they wear what they like without much worry about what anyone else thinks. They use their style as a way to express themselves, rather than fit in with the trends like most adults try to do. Kids can dress without rules or worrying about what is “in style” at the time. They can get away with so much more when it comes to fashion, and we love it!

To get things rolling, we will be posting pics of our own kids or kids that we find wearing fashion that inspires us. But, we would love to feature your child! Please feel free to submit photos to Brooke at Be sure to let us know where the clothes are from. We would love to see your little guys and fashionistas in what they wear every day. The clothing does not need to be from Taylor Joelle, but it can be. 🙂
Little Miss Ari turned 2 with atti-2-ude. We love this look! 
The bows on the back of the shoes are my favorite part. 
Jacket, pants and shoes are from gap
The headband and shirt are by stitchcrafty4u

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