Accessorizing with Style – MiaMoo Designs

It’s amazing how different accessories can give a look a completely new feel. We recently shared the styles of MiaMoo Designs as one of our Kids Fashion Sites We Love. We loved what she put together so much, that we asked her to style a few looks around our Midnight in Manhattan Polka Dot Cardigan.

She put together 2 looks featuring different accessories that give the look a new funky twist. This cardigan is so versatile because it can be used as a dressy look or with jeans for a more fashionable yet casual look. Add a MiaMoo necklace and your child will be ready to make a big fashion statement. (The cardigan is a navy blue, although the photos may look black). 

Necklace is by MiaMoo Designs
Skinny Jeans and shoes are by gap

We ADORE the mary jane shoes in this collection. What a perfect find to match our cardigan! 
Necklace is by MiaMoo Designs
Skinny Jeans are by gap
Shoes are by Puddle Jumper Shoes

MiaMoo Designs first caught our eye with the fashion looks that they put together to coordinate with their necklaces. MiaMoo Designs specializes in BIG chunky beaded necklaces for little girls and adults. Anyone wearing a MiaMoo is sure to feel special and glamorous They are sure to make a statement for everyday wear and add just the finishing touch to any photo shoot. The necklace designs are original and fresh, and so are the fashion looks that they put together.

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