Uptown Tunic Dress – Design Process

I thought it would be fun to give you a little peek into our design process.  Here’s the steps we took with our uptown tunic dress.

First:  We found a color pallet.  Pinterest is a great way to get color inspiration
Second: Drew up a sketch. of the dress.
Third:  We contacted Rachel Cave to do a print for her.  We gave her our color pallet, and created an “inspiration” board on pinterest so she could see the styles of prints we liked. 
Forth: We receive our dress sample.  The tricky part about this step is visualizing.  The sample is done up for us with fabrics (sometimes very ugly fabrics) that the factory has on hand.  They cannot do a sample in our own fabrics because we need to print the fabric in bulk first. 
Fifth:  We used our visualization skills (sometimes this can be hard), and then confirmed the design.  This meant printing the fabric in bulk and moving forward.
Sixth:  The final samples arrive to us and we are able to organize a photo shoot – one of my favorite parts!

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