10 Indoor Activities for Toddlers

It’s getting cold outside! My toddler and I are both going stir crazy! I know that I am not alone in this and that many of you are in the same boat. We asked our fans on facebook to weigh in and let us know what their favorite indoor activities to do with a toddler are. We loved their answers so much, we compiled a list of our favorite 10 to share with all of you. We hope that you find something fun on this list to do with your kids.

1. Indoor bowling with toilet paper and a soft ball
2. Sensory bucket – tupperware filled with various dried beans and cups/scoops.
3. Homemade race track – use masking tape to create a course on the rug.
4. Paint the snow (ok this one isn’t indoors put sounds so fun). Put food coloring and water into a spray bottle and use the snow as your canvas.
5. Finger painting
6. Homemade play dough
7. Build a fort
8. Simon says, hot potato and freeze game
9.  Make Christmas gifts (or for other occasions)
10. Use a box to make a castle. They can color it, paint it, glue on it. Help them cut out windows and doors.

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