Design Process – Midnight in Manhattan

Ever wonder what our design process is like?  Pretty simple actually.  First, we decide on the color scheme.  I usually create a pinterest board for each collection, and then start hunting on pinterest for color pallets.  For our Midnight in Manhattan color scheme, we had a bunch we liked but finally decided upon navy/green 
Next, we decide on the print.  I knew polka dots would be hot (thanks to my obsession with jcrew catalogs), so I definitely wanted to take advantage of our nautical color scheme and add some classic navy with white polka dots.  
I also really wanted to incorporate floral into this collection, so I started pinning my favorite style of floral fabrics. I then shared my pinterest board with our surface pattern designer, Rachel Cave, and she was able to come up with a floral print the style and colors I wanted. So, you can see that pinterest is so handy for this process.  
With our colors and fabric decided, we started sketching the different pieces and came up with the style we like.  
We are thrilled with this collection, and can’t wait to bring it to you for Black Friday.  

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