Fashion Blogs We Love – Glamorously Mommy

We have been on the hunt for awesome Kid’s Fashion Blogs to learn from and pass along to all of our followers. We don’t claim to be know-it-alls when it comes to fashion and are always on the look out for resources to follow the trends and be fashion forward. Along this journey, we are finding some really great blogs that will be a great resource for all of you as well. When we feature these blogs for you, it won’t just be a link share. We will tell you a little about the blog and why we love it, then we are going to interview the blog authors, after all, they are the fashion experts.
This week’s Kid’s Fashion Blog We Love is Glamorously Mommy. Glamorously Mommy is all about beauty, fashion, kids, crafts, and being a mom. At Glamorously Mommy you will find giveaways, reviews, fashion finds, fashion and beauty tips and tricks and so much more. 

Tawny, the author at Glamorously Mommy took the time to answer some questions about the blog, fashion trends, her fashion inspiration and even gives a little advice to all of you. She even put together a look for fall that we know will inspire you.

What made you want to start Glamorously Mommy?

I started after being in the retail World for many years, I was SO bored. I could only clean and re-clean so much. I was going crazy. I needed something I could put that drive and passion I still had into. I started a Beauty YouTube channel first, but I wanted a place where I could connect more on a personal level with other Mom’s, was born!

What are some trends that you see for fall and winter?

LEOPARD!!! I LOVE Leopard on little girls, it totally makes them look like little ladies! Colored Skinny Jeans! I’m LOVING every minute of them. I also love denim tops or jackets paired with a great pair of colored skinnies! Bold Patterns are big the Fall/Winter, and of course layering which is always great for kids!

Where do you get your fashion inspiration?

I have always been obsessed with fashion. I get inspiration form magazines, blogs, and people off the street. Lately, it’s been mommy fashion blogs. I love to dress on trend, but it’s really about being comfortable and being able to still look good, and be a mom.

What advice would you give to parents shopping for their children?

Just like you have staple pieces as an adult, have those staple pieces for your kids too. Shop smart go to the thrift store and pick up those “key “ pieces like denim, cute jackets or blazers, and sweaters. Then shop clearance to find things like graphic tees, tops, cute shoes and boots! Remember most stores are a season ahead; the clearance section can match the current season. Be smart about saving money, because they grow so fast!

Check out this fall look for your little lady:

Little Lady in Red!

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