Kids Street Style

There are what seems like millions of street style blogs currently in existence from all over the world, and a new wave of these blogs feature street style in a much smaller package. These blogs are focusing on the fashion sense of children! With their camera ready, these bloggers are approaching fashionable children from all over the world and capturing the looks that really stand out and sharing them with the world. Or, some of the blogs give the parents an opportunity to send in photos of their children’s style. Children are the ideal focus for a street style blog because they are so natural, they wear what they like without much worry about what anyone else thinks. They use their style as a way to express themselves, rather than fit in with the trends like most adults try to do. Kids can dress without rules or worrying about what is “in style” at the time. They can get away with so much more when it comes to fashion, and we love it! When we interviewed Erica, the author of the kids street style blog Hide and Go Style, she said “Style is more about how the person carries themselves. And in that sense, I strongly believe that kids have the most confidence as they are not as affected by what is trendy in the fashion world at the time, as most adults are. “

Looks featured at Hide and Go Style

Sure, we know that many of the children have some help from their parents when it comes to coordinating their looks. Many parents, including myself, just love to help style their children. It is an opportunity to think outside of the box when it comes to fashion, and it is so much fun to buy tiny fashions. But, it is still the child who has to be comfortable and confident wearing it. Melissa, the author of the kids street style blog Mini Hipster said in a post for our blog “let them have an input in what you buy for them. You might be surprised to see what they choose and the outfits they put together themselves. Some outfits may be quirky, but if they embrace what they are wearing, then it will look cool! “As most parents know, it is much easier to dress your child in something that they like or picked out. As Karla, the author of street style blog The Tiny Times said in our feature of her blog “Just buy what you love and as your child gets older allow him/her to get involved if they want to. Fashion is a great way to learn self expression and individuality however not all kids will be receptive to that lesson so make sure your shopping habits reflect your child’s personality and interests in that respect.”

Looks featured at The Tiny Times
A great thing that is happening lately in children’s fashion is that the looks focus less on cutesy thing like animals and more on dressing the child with style. When we interviewed Julia, the author of kids fashion blog “Boys Be Cool“, she said “Children’s fashion is definitely a reflection of the adult fashion trends. Major trends trickle down to the kids fashion realm almost immediately and the way designers style their collections and fashion blogosphere ideas are absolutely applicable in the kids’ fashion. You just have to translate this big fashion language to the mini fashion slang, so to speak;)”.You don’t have to break the bank to dress your child fashionably either. Many items seen on children’s street style blogs are hand me downs! What is most important is that the child feels natural and confident in what they are wearing. 
Looks featured at Mini Hipster
Whether they are being dressed by their parents or putting together their own looks, children are wearing their clothes with a natural confidence that is refreshing. Street Style blogs are catching this and sharing it with the world. 

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