Shoe Embellishing – No Sew Tutorial

We have had so much fun preparing for the photo shoot for our upcoming Taylor Joelle Luxe Holiday Collection, “The Diane Collection”. One of my favorite activities was embellishing the shoes for the shoot with my mom. It was so much fun to see how well we could transform just a basic pair of shoes. It makes me not want to spend very much on dress shoes for Taylor anymore. We can always make them cute ourselves!

Step 1) Find yourselves a cheap pair of flats.

I saw cheap girl’s flats everywhere (target, old navy, payless etc.). We decided to go with the ones from payless. Some of the shoes had a little bow at the end, and we just snipped that bow right off.

Step 2) Grab some cute fabric and trace 8 circles. We used a flash light to trace the circles.

Step 3) Cut out the circles, and also cut a felt circle (same size or slightly smaller than the fabric circles).

Step 4)  Fold the circle in half and then half again, and using hot glue, glue the fabric to one corner of the felt (like picture).

 Step 5)  Do the same thing with the other circles. After covering the felt with 4 of the fabric circle folds, then do another layer. Do not lay the next layer directly on top of the first layer. Start in a different spot, between the folds of the first layer.

Step 6)  You are now ready to add something pretty to the fabric. Find something to embellish the flower with. This could be a jewel, button, or a cluster of pearls. Glue it to center of the fabric flower.

Step 7)  Either glue your flower directly onto the shoe, or attach an alligator clip to the flower and clip it to the shoe.

We hope that you have fun embellishing shoes! We would love to see photos of your projects. Stay tuned for the release of our Taylor Joelle Luxe Holiday Collection, “The Diane Collection” in just a few short weeks. 

10 thoughts on “Shoe Embellishing – No Sew Tutorial

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