Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is approaching and we thought we would share with you some fun costume ides. Creating your own Halloween costumes is so much more fun than buying the generic ones from the store (however, my kids usually ask for the store bought ones).  Last year, a little boy in my son’s kindergarten class was dressed up as a scuba diver.  Cutest thing ever!  Here is a tutorial for that fun costume:
Etsy is a fabulous place to shop Halloween.  Shopping etsy will ensure that your child’s costume is unique.  Last year I bought Taylor’s costume on etsy.  She was a lady bug. 
Some of my favorite costumes on etsy right now are the superhero girl costumes.  Check out this adorable batman outfit

I also love this adorable scare crow costume.
What something simple for your babies this halloween?  Why not a Taylor Joelle Owl, or Sock Monkey Hat, and something warm and cozy. 
We hope everyone has a fabulous time creating and/or shopping this year for Halloween.  We would love to see pictures on our facebook wall of your little ones’ costumes. 
– Jenny

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