For the Older Kids – An Update

Remember back in March when we announced a plan in the works for an older children’s boutique that we planned to launch in the fall? We wanted to give you an update. You may have noticed with our most recent Tie styles and our most recent collection, Piccadilly Plum, that we are already starting to offer items in larger sizes (up to size 8 Years). We will continue to do this. But, we are no longer going to have it be it’s own separate online boutique like we had planned. All of the clothing will still be found at The main reason that we are doing it this way is because most of the products would have been the same as, but just go to a higher size.
Instead, we are excited to announce that we will be adding a new sorting feature to You will soon be able to sort the products by age so that you will only see the products available in the ages that you are looking for. It should make it easier for you to find products without browsing through a bunch that aren’t in the correct size. It will hopefully cut down on the time it takes to find what you need.
Parents of younger kids, don’t worry! We will also still continue to offer items for babies and toddlers that you will love!

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