New Mobile Site

Taylor Joelle Designs has a new mobile site coming soon! Come Monday, if you are using your mobile device to use our site, you will notice some improvements! We have noticed that those who use a mobile device to browse our site have a hard time with it and have mentioned that it uses a lot of their data. The new mobile site will be easier to use on a smaller screen and the data heavy features that are on the full site won’t be there to use up as much of your data. The mobile site will work on any phone that has access to the internet. Your mobile experience will be the same on any smart phone, you do not need to have a certain brand of phone or an app in order to view it. It will auto detect that you are using a mobile device and send you to the mobile site. If you would still like to see the full site, you will have the option to switch back to the full site. We hope that you like it. Once you have had a chance to take a look at it, we would love your feedback!

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