Sensory Play – Window Gellies

As a mother of a young toddler, I love sensory play! There are so many ways to teach your child that you might not even think of – and for cheap! There may be items around your house that will open up a whole new world of exploration! I came across the blog, Dirt and Dinos and absolutely love it! There are new creative sensory play ideas posted often that get me excited and get my creativity flowing. I cannot wait to try some of these ideas with my daughter!

One that has been a big hit with some of my mommy friends in an online group that I am a part of is Window Gellies! It is somewhat like finger painting, but so much cleaner! The basic idea is to mix hair gel, water and food coloring and put the mixture in a freezer bag. You then tape the baggie up on a window and let your child draw, squish, etc on the baggie. For more pictures and full instructions, check out Dirt and Dinos. They are also on facebook!

Here is a photo from one of my friends who tried this project when she had her niece and nephews over for the weekend. It was fun for all of the kids, big and small.

You could also substitute the gel if you don’t have any. My good friend was out of gel and used shaving cream instead. She accomplished the same basic idea and her daughter still had fun with it. That is what makes sensory play so great, you can use what you already have in your home and create a fun learning experience for your child!

Want more sensory play ideas?
How about a Jell-O Safari Tub

The possibilities are endless!

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