Taylor Joelle Science – Crushing a Can with Cold Water

With the kids home for the summer, we know that you will have a lot more free time with them. We are always on the look out for activities where the kids can learn, explore and have fun! This is our second “Taylor Joelle Science” post. Taylor Joelle and her brothers will show you fun science activities to do with the kids. This week Taylor, Cooper, and Mason will show you how to crush a can with cold water! This is a very fun and easy science experiment. We hope that you find it educational, and that you have fun doing it with your kids too! Taylor and her brothers had so much fun preparing this for you!

Step 1) Put 15 mL of water in a can and heat it on the stove until it boils. Boil for about 30 seconds. The boiling water creates steam which pushes air out of the can. 
Step 2) Remove the can from the heat and quickly put it upside down into ice cold water. This causes the steam and condense and shrink creating a vacuum in the can. The vacuum inside of the can causes the pressure to drop, and the pressure outside of the can crushes it suddenly and quickly. 
Don’t allow kids to do this experiment alone. It involves boiling water, which can be dangerous. 

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