Superhero Pegs!

My boys are a little obsessed with super heros! Even my 23 month old brings me our spiderman costume and asks me to put them on him. It’s adorable. So, I have been in search of everything super hero! I came across the cutest little craft today (I am sure it is plastered all over pinterest) from the blog “A Girl and A Gluegun” (full instructions can be found by clicking the link to their blog). It is adorable, and I totally want to do this!

All you need is paint, and some good quality fine-tipped markers., plus the wooden pegs of course. I went in search for some and I found a 20 pack on amazon for $9.50 plus shipping.

The sky is the limit with this craft! You could do disney princesses, super heros, star wars, or any favorite television character. I may do a nativity scene with my kids when Christmas approaches. These would also make amazing party favors!

Once, I try this fun craft with my kiddos, I will be sure to post some pictures. -Jenny

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