30 Day Photography Challenge

As some of you know, I purchased a DSRL camera a few months ago and was eager to learn how to use it. I took a photography workshop, but still hadn’t put my newly learned knowledge into practice. Last month I did a 30 Day Photo Challenge and wanted to share it with all of you. If any of you are photographers or are just trying to get more familiar with your camera, you might want to give it a try. It was very fun and I learned a lot. I am currently doing another photo challenge with a friend this month. I may just share those photos soon too. I hope that some of you do the challenge too and share your photos with us if you do.

Here is the challenge:

Here are my photos, keep in mind that I am a total newbie and this was a learning experience for me. I did use my cell phone camera for a few of the challenges because I didn’t have my camera with me when I found an opportunity to take a photo of the day. You may notice that the pics toward the end are a little better as I get more comfortable with my camera. -Brooke
Day 1: Self Portrait
Day 2: What I Wore Today
Day 3: Clouds (taken with my cell phone)
Day 4: Something Green
Day 5: From a High Angle
Day 6: From a Low Angle
Day 7: Fruit

Day 8: A Bad Habit
Day 9: Someone You Love
Day 10: A Childhood Memory (taken with my cell phone)
Day 11: Something Blue
Day 12: Sunset
Day 13: Yourself with 13 things (taken with my cell phone)
Day 14: Eyes

Day 15: A Silhouette
Day 16: Long Exposure, any guesses as to what this is a picture of?
Day 17: Technology, I went for early technology. Anyone else see creepy ghosts in this photo like I do? I see 3. 
Day 18: Your Shoes
Day 19: Something Orange
Day 20: Bokeh, Bokeh is a technique used in the background. 
Click on the photo to see it full size to really see the effect. I have gotten better with Bokeh since I got a better lens for my camera. But, I did what I could with what I had at the time. 
Day 21: Faceless Self-Portrait

Day 23: Sun Flare
Day 24: Animal
Day 25: Something Pink
Day 26: Close Up
Day 27: From a Distance
Day 28: Flower

Day 29: Black and White
Day 30: Self Portrait

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