Kid’s Fashion Blogs We Love – Baby Chic 101

Baby Chic 101 is a blog for the very best baby and children’s fashion, gear, furniture, toys, etc. from all over the world. Patty, the author and editor of Baby Chic 101 has a history in the baby products industry and is a great professional eye. She also has wonderful taste. You will find links to awesome sales, product recommendations, new product announcements, find out what the celebrity’s babies are wearing and what products they are using, fashion inspiration and much more. Baby Chic 101 is your one stop for all things baby. Patty gave us the opportunity to get to know her a little better, share a little fashion advice, and she even created a fashion look for baby boys.

What made you want to start Baby Chic 101?

I had worked in the baby products industry and I wanted to share with parents all the different brands and options out there. When I created the blog in 2004, there were not that many baby blogs at the time. Many people were just starting to use the internet to find information about baby products. Shopping online was also pretty new. I wanted to have a place where I could introduce people to it all. Especially people who don’t live in ares where a lot of smaller, but still awesome brands were sold.

What are some trends that you see for spring and summer?

Orange and Red are very big this year.

Where do you get your fashion inspiration?

I love blogs that put outfits together for kids. Exmaples are Sissy and Marley, Coos and Ahhs and Childmode.

What advice would you give to parents shopping for their children?

Look online first. There is a much bigger selection on the web and many sites offer free shipping now. Also you can find stores in your area a lot easier, since most have a store locator on their site.

Patty was kind enough to put together a look for baby boy’s that is to die for! We know that you will be inspired!

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