Lego Birthday Party

We had a lego party for my 6 year old boy, Cooper. It was lots of fun, and went perfectly smooth. I asked Cooper what his favorite part was and he said “all of it”.


My cake was a disaster so I am not even posting pics. But Cooper thought it was cool, and I guess that is all that matters. There are lots of simple lego cake tutorials out there. I am just horrible at baking. If I were to do it again, I would just do cupcakes in primary colors and top each one with a lego piece.


It’s super easy to decorate for lego. Just lots and lots of primary colors. I had my mom (thanks mom!) do some cute lego guys with her circuit machine. She also did the banner. For the centerpiece, we filled legos in different shaped vases (they are about $1 each at ikea).

Treat Bags:

The treat bags were fun to make. We just used a blue lunch bag and decorated it “lego style”. In the gift bags were lego shaped candies (you can really build with them!). I got the candies here:

I also made lego shaped chocolates using a lego molds I got here:

You just melt chocolate chips, or colored chocolate, place them in the mold and stick them in the fridge to cool for about 5 minutes. So easy!

In the treat bags we also included some lego coloring pages (I just found some to print off the computer), and a lego guy or a lego ship. I bought a lego star wars calendar off so that each child could take home one of lego guys or star wars ships. 

Games (my favorite part):

They games were a big hit, and the kids did not get bored. Here are the games we played

Game 1: Lego Car Races
I bought a bunch of lego wheels on ebay for about $7. Each child built their own lego car (which they seemed to really enjoy). Then, we did lego car races. I made the track using painters tape. We had each child go one a time and then I used the stopwatch on my phone to time how fast they made it from start to finish. They each wanted to go a second time.

Game 2: Lego towers
We split the kids up into teams. I gave them 5 minutes to see who can build the tallest tower. The tower needed to be able to stand up on it’s own. They had fun with this!

Game 3: Hot Lego
Same as hot potato, but with a lego instead.

Game 4: Lego Lego, Who has the Lego?
One of the children leaves the room. The rest decide who will hold the lego. The child returns to the room and has to guess who has the Lego. Simple, but it was fun for this age group.

The party lasted an hour and a half and after doing the pizza, games, cake and presents, they never had time to get bored. It was a great party! -Jenny

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