Taylor Joelle Science – Instant Water Freeze

With summer around the corner, we know that you will have a lot more free time with the kids. We are always on the look out for activities where the kids can learn, explore and have fun! This week is our first ever “Taylor Joelle Science” post. Taylor Joelle and her brothers will be showing you fun science activities to do with the kids. This week Taylor, Cooper, Mason and Bauer will be showing you how to instantly freeze water! We hope that you find it educational, and that you have fun doing it with your kids too! Taylor and her brothers had so much fun preparing this for you!


1. The water has to be very pure. We used “Fiji” bottled water.

2. Place the bottles in the Freezer for approximately 3 hours. Too long, and the water will freeze anyway, too little, and the experiment won’t work.

3. After the 3 hours remove the water from the freezer. Make sure not to bump the bottle’s too much because if you do they will freeze in your hand.

4. Carefully lift the bottle up, and then sharply pound it onto a hard surface. This will cause the water to begin freezing and it will be complete within seconds.

How it works: We are not scientists, so to the best of our understanding – when water freezes it starts the process on an impurity in the water. This is why you can’t perform this experiment on tap water, it will Freeze before it gets too cold. So if you use pure water, then it has a hard time starting the freezing process, so it can “supercool”. Then when you bang the bottle on a hard surface, it causes the molecules to begin to line up, and freeze, so causes a chain reaction since the water is already below freezing point.

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