Pettiskirt AUCTION!

Did you miss your chance to snag one of our discontinued pettiskirts before they were gone? You are in luck!!! We have just a few left of some of your favorites and we are giving you one last chance to get yours before they are gone! Next week we will be holding an auction for these pettiskirts on our facebook page! That’s right, not only do you have one last chance to get the pettiskirt that you have been wanting, but you will get to name the price! The best part? Half of the proceeds will be donated to Primary Children’s Medical Center
How will the auction work?
  • The auction will be posted to our facebook page the morning of Monday, May 14th. The auction will end on Sunday, May 20th at 7:00pm MST. 
  • There will be a photo album on our facebook page with photos of each of the items in the sizes that are available. The starting bid for the pettiskirts will be $15.00. 
  • To bid on an item, leave a comment with your bid amount. 
  • At the time that the auction ends, the highest bid will win the item. If there are multiple quantities of a certain item, there will be multiple winners. 
  • We will leave a comment on each item after the auction has ended that will list the winners. 
  • To claim their prize, the winners will need to email and let us know their email address that is associated with paypal so that we can send an invoice. The winner will have 48 to do this or the item will go to the next highest bidder. 
  • Once the item is paid for via paypal, it will be shipped to the winner. $5 will be added on to the final bid amount to cover shipping, (unless the bid is over $35, in which case the shipping would be free). 
Good luck everyone!!! May the odds be ever in your favor. 

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