What’s Your Flavor? Sorbet Pettiskirts NOW AVAILABLE!

Remember a few weeks ago when we announced that we were working on a new line of pettiskirts in sorbet “flavors”? We are so excited to tell you that they are now available on the website! We had so much fun at the pettiskirt photo shoot with Heather Telford Photography! The pictures turned out more amazing that we could have ever imagined. She is such a talented woman and the girls are just too cute to handle. Heather’s photography and these adorable little girls really showcase these pettiskirts. If you are as ready for spring as we are, you will really love these bright and fun colors. So, what’s your favorite sorbet pettiskirt flavor?

Is it Peach?
Is it Vanilla? 
Is it Grape? 
Or could it be Raspberry or Blueberry? 
Just look at these amazing group photos!

Visit Heather Telford Photography’s blog to see even more amazing photos from this shoot!

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