A Few of My Favorite Things – by Jenny

Oprah, has her list of “favorite things”, why can’t we? I thought I would put a list of my top 5 children items.  I was never approached by any company to review these items. These are just items I have around my house.

We have had these for almost a year, and we have gotten so much use out of them! They are so simple and plain, but my kiddos play with them all the time. They are just simple, thin blocks. They are pretty narrow, so stacking them can be challenging (which makes it fun for older kids). Included with the blocks are a list of fun designs you can make such as buildings, bridges, animals etc.

This is a toy that I would walk right past in the store. I only bought it because it has great reviews on amazon. It was a great purchase!

I bought these on accident. My kids wanted to make necklaces and I thought I was buying a big bucket of beads. It was so much better than that! These are little beads that you place on the peg boards they give you. You can make all sorts of cute designs, and then after the design is finished, mom can get our her iron and they all magically melt together.
My kids LOVE these beads! We are already on our second bucket. And it is great, because this is a time-consuming project. Don’t you hate it when you get a toy out and they only play with it for a couple minutes? Well, this one will keep your kiddies busy for at least an hour. They will want to make more and more designs.

#3: Legos
Need I say more? My boys never grow tired of legos.

This book is amazing. It has a collection of classic children’s stories. My kids love these stories. This book is the best for bedtime and it’s fun to let them choose a story each night from the book. Some of my kid’s favorites (from this book) are “The Tub People”, “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom”, and “Little Babaji”, just to name a few. Amazon sells this book used for $3.32 plus shipping ($3.99). What a great deal for 44 classic children’s stories.

I end up buying one of these come every spring. Such a fun active thing to do with neighborhood kids. Or you can make it a family contest and see how many jumps each person can do in a row.

Well, those are my top 5. I have more favorites, but I will save those for another post. I would love to hear some of your favorite things for your children!

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