Who Doesn’t Like Sorbet? NEW Pettiskirts and Rompers COMING SOON!

Spring is one of our favorite times of the year here at Taylor Joelle Designs! We will be releasing many new items this spring including our Peachy Keen Collection (coming in April) and NEW PETTISKIRTS AND ROMPERS in fresh, fun sorbet “flavors” (also coming in April)! “Flavors” will include vanilla, blueberry, raspberry and peach! Pettiskirt sizes will range from 6 months to 8 years. April is going to be such a great month for Taylor Joelle Designs!
Coming from someone who just discovered Taylor Joelle Designs a few months ago, I wanted to share with you what makes a Taylor Joelle pettiskirt stand out among the rest. Quality, RUFFLES AND FLUFF! The picture below is a Taylor Joelle pettiskirt (purple) next to a pettiskirt from somewhere else (pink) that was purchased before I knew about the amazing Taylor Joelle Designs, they are both 6-12 months in size. The Taylor Joelle pettiskirt has 3 times the ruffles and fluff! My little girl loves to play with the ruffles when she wears her Taylor Joelle Pettiskirt. It is fun to see that she can tell when she is dressed up. The more ruffles, the better! With a Taylor Joelle pettiskirt, we know that we aren’t missing out on any extra quality, ruffles, or fluff! We’ve never seen a better pettiskirt! Now that I have tried one from Taylor Joelle, I would never purchase one from anywhere else! I am personally so excited about the new sorbet flavors coming soon, I will be buying a few for my little one! -Brooke 
I couldn’t resist sharing this photo of my little M in her “grape flavored” Taylor Joelle pettiskirt (which will also be re-stocked in April)! See how happy it makes her? 
(You should see how happy it makes me)! 
Baby M isn’t the only one doing a happy dance about the “grape” petti being restocked! 
Fresh. Fashion. Fun.
Which Sorbet flavor will your try?

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